Be it in the tourbus, airplanes, hotel rooms, or the backstage of the venue — as a band, touring the world means spending a lot time together. In one of these creative hangouts between being on the road and being on stage, the Asian dream team and German ambassadors for Global Bass Music, SYMBIZ, invented a word expressing general positivity and summing up the experience of traveling around the globe: “YEERUH!” (Yeah-Ru).

Shaped into a song, “YEERUH”! is a steaming hot Global Bass anthem — Invented on the road, produced in the heart of Berlin and put to live for the first time in a township in Zimbabwe.

Now, together with three diverse remixes by Germany’s bass-heaviest producer “Bukez Finest”, Berlin-based Reggae innovator “Teka”, and Peruvian Global Bass duo “Dengue Dengue Dengue”, YEERUH! will be made available on SYMBIZ’ very Bandcamp-site and in all stores worldwide on Friday, June 13th 2014.